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If you would like to feature your vape company, review or article inside the Vape Life Mag, please contact us via our Facebook page. Below you will find a detailed overview of the requirements for featuring your article and company on our website. Our overriding consideration is to provide in-depth, unique and quality content to our readers, which is why we expect your article to meet the highest standards of quality to make it eligible for publication.

Welcome to Vape Life Mag!

Welcome to Vape Life Mag!

Hey, my name is Filiyann! Welcome to Vape Life Mag, a friendly place for vape reviews, guides, news, awesome vape deals and bucketloads of fun!

Become Involved

If you are a vaper or someone who has been involved in the vape industry in one form or another, we would like to encourage you to submit your vape reviews, personal story or a guide for publication in the Vape Life Mag so that we can continue to build our vape community whilst you become a Celebrity Vape Star! Our core values are inclusiveness and transparency, which are meant to give a real voice to vapers where other media fails them!

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Submission Guidelines and Requirements

Please send us your unique article that falls into one of our category areas (e.g. eliquid reviews, vape guides, vape news, etc.). You can see all of our categories inside the main menu.

  • Vape Guides
  • Advanced Guides
  • Beginners Guides
  • Starting a Vape Shop
  • Starting a Vape Wholesale Business
  • Starting an E-Liquid Brand
  • Vape Marketing and SEO
  • Vape News
  • Vape and Culture
  • Vape and Health
  • Vape and Interviews
  • Vape and Laws
  • Vape and Opinions
  • Vape and Politics
  • Vape and Technology
  • Vape Events
  • Vape Exhibitions
  • Vape Reviews
  • E-Liquid Concentrate Reviews
  • E-Liquid Reviews
  • Hemp and CBD
  • Mech-Mod Reviews
  • MOD Reviews
  • Nicotine Salt Reviews
  • POD System Reviews
  • RBA Reviews
  • RDA Reviews
  • Squonking Reviews
  • Starter Kit Reviews
  • Sub-OHM Tank Reviews

We also recommend that you feature your company on CBD Life Mag, a CBD and hemp magazine that has a small vape section. Additionally, we also recommend that you list your business with All Vape Stores, a vape shop directory and All CBD stores, a CBD and Hemp products directory (has a vape category).

Keep your Article Long

Please ensure that every article is at least 1,500 to 3,000+ words long. Longer articles will rank better on the search engines and will generally performs better.

Keep it Unique

Make sure that your articles are 100% unique in the sense that they ARE NOT published inside another blog or anywhere else. Plagiarised articles may not get indexed by the search engines and even if they do, they will not rank. There are many plagiarism checking tools that you can use to check the uniqueness of your article.

Write in Excellent English & Proofread

Please make sure that your articles are written in flawless English and are free of typos and grammatical errors. We only accept articles of the highest quality and always proofread for grammar issues and also do a sanity check.

Structure your article

Make sure to use informative headings, clear paragraphs and relevant keywords.

Use your own images

It is recommended that you add some images to your articles. Please only use YOUR OWN images. If you are doing vape reviews, please take quality photos using your own camera or create the relevant graphics yourself.

Save the articles inside a Word Document

Please save your articles inside a word document.

Focus on user experience and NOT promotion

Please make each article as useful and informative as possible and DO NOT promote your company. We will credit you with a backlink and an optimised anchor text so that you do not have to focus on promoting yourself.

Model article

Here is an example model article

Once your Article is Published

Take these steps to build your brand, traffic and search engine rankings

Once your article has been published, we recommend that you 1) share the article on your social media, 2) add a link on your website to the published article along with a “As Featured” logo (you can use our logo) and 3) You can reach out to the relevant vape or non-vape companies and ask them to feature / link to your guest post. This practice is going to help to create awareness around your company, pass on more link equity to your website. As more and more websites begin to link to your guest post article, the link to your site will acquire more and more value and will help to rank your website on the search engines.