CBD Oil use is becoming more commonplace and gaining greater acceptance by the holistic and medical communities. Benefits such as pain relief, overall physical wellness, anti-inflammatory properties, and anxiety treatment are just some of the commonly touted benefits of CBD oil.

With the concrete evidence available today that supports CBD oil use and it’s many benefits, you may be curious to try it yourself. Yes? But, you’re not sure where to begin? Do you have questions like, How do I know which CBD oil product is right for me?

That’s okay. Just keep reading, we’ll help you understand.

Shopping for CBD Oil can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the benefits of CBD Oil. Learning which CBD oil product is right for you is essential before trying several different ones. Available CBD oil products vary greatly in key properties that significantly impact product usage and quality. Not all CBD oils are made equally and, it’s well-advised to know their differences. When determining which CBD Oil is a good fit, it’s best to become familiar with CBD oil’s properties and characteristics and, which of those qualities you value most.

Qualities to consider when choosing a CBD oil should include potency, purity, proof of quality, and price.

CBD Oil Potency

Understand the potency of a CBD oil before making a CBD oil purchase. Potency has a direct impact on a product’s dosage; it’s values vary widely in today’s CBD oil market.

Potency in CBD oil refers to the amount, or concentration, of CBD in a measured amount of product. Potency varies from product to product; it’s dependant on the quantity of CBD in the oil and the volume of carrier oil. 

Most CBD oil products express product potency by stating the total amount of CBD present, by weight, in the product. For example, our Premium CBD Tincture is available in three different concentrations or, potencies. The three options each come in the same sized vials, 30mL, but vary in the amount of CBD in each. Therefore, users receive different amounts of CBD per mL of dose, depending on which of the three options they chose.

Use a dosage that’s right for you. Before using any CBD oil, consult the product’s recommended dosage.

CBD Oil Purity

Product purity is a measurement of how isolated or, free of contaminants, a material is. In CBD oil, the oil’s grade of purity is essential to understanding the quality of the product.

Potential CBD oil contaminants can be harmful to users or alter the intended effect of the product. Contaminants can be introduced during the production phase or from environmental factors. Contaminants to be wary of in CBD oil include residual solvents from the production process, other cannabis components like THC, bacteria, or even pesticides.

Purchase CBD oil from suppliers that monitor and prevent contamination. Signs of good quality standards include a supplier that uses resources that promote high purity products.  CBD oil produced by suppliers who chose ingredients from certified organic farms and THC-low cannabis (hemp) will likely have better purity standards than those that do not. 

CBD Oil Proof of Quality

Proof of quality is a definitive sign that a CBD oil is made with integrity and considerate manufacturing practices. Proof of quality, in the form of a Certificate of Analysis (CofA), should detail the concentration of ingredients in the product. For a CBD oil product, the tested ingredients must include CBD, THC, residual solvent amount, bacteria count, and other cannabis identifiers. 

CBD oil producers that readily provide proof of quality from third-party sources are generally much more reliable than those that don’t. 

Purchasing CBD oil products from companies without proof of third-party testing is a reliable indication their product isn’t as good as it could be. Without proof of quality, the risk of your CBD oil choice being inconsistent or possibly even contaminated increases.

CBD Oil Price

The price for a CBD oil generally depends on the concentration of CBD within the product. The more CBD oil in the product, the higher the price. Additionally, just like with all high-quality products, the greater the care that’s taken in producing a CBD oil, the higher the cost to consumers.

When comparing prices between brands of CBD oil, it’s best to compare only similar items. Items are similar if their potency, purity, and quality control standards are relatively the same. Comparing the prices of well-made and related potency products will provide for an accurate assessment of product value.

CBD Oil Quality

Understanding the basic key properties of quality in a CBD oil will help you make an informed choicewhen selecting the CBD oil that’s right for you. If it’s your first time using a CBD oil, choose a product that guarantees to be THC and contaminant-free and is backed by a CofA. This helps you genuinely understand how CBD, and only CBD, impacts your body.

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