CBD options are vast and varying in today’s marketplace; at JustCBD we understand it can be tricky to determine which CBD product is best for you. Before choosing a CBD, ask yourself a few questions. What benefits or relief are you seeking? What mode of ingestion are you curious to try? What is the result you’d like to achieve with CBD use?

Not sure how to answer those questions? That’s ok. We’ve got some answers below that are sure to help you with making those decisions. Keep on reading for some great info and tips on how to determine which CBD product is right for you.

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What benefit are you seeking from CBD?

CBD is used to alleviate many different symptoms but, not all CBD products or, methods of CBD consumption, yield the same results. To know which type of product is best for you, start by considering what outcome you’d like to experience from CBD use.

We find most of our clients seek out CBD treatment for one of two reasons. Those reasons being: instant-relief from a problematic symptom or, long-term wellness.

1. Instant Relief

Pain relief is a common reason many choose to use CBD. When chronic pain is the leading factor for CBD use, it’s best to use a product that can provide you with much needed, and instant relief from pain. 

Fast-acting CBD methods can help ease symptoms commonly associated with arthritis, physical injuries, cancer treatments, migraines, and other conditions.

The inhalation of CBD is a fast-acting method of CBD ingestion. Topical treatments can offer quick relief to localized areas.

2. Long Term Wellness and Treatment

Achieving whole-body wellness through CBD use is typically the other main reason we see people choose our high-quality CBD products. Conditions that aren’t overtly debilitating but negatively impact body wellness can use CBD in a manner that will ensure long-term benefits and improvements are achieved.

Long-term use of CBD can help ease symptoms commonly associated withdepression, anxiety, PTSD, diabetes, menopause, as well as many others.

Edibles and other ingestibles are a useful option for conditions you seek to treat long-term or, to promote overall wellness.

What are the different options available for CBD treatments?

CBD treatments can be separated and categorized by their method of consumption. Consumption methods of CBD determines how quickly the user should expect to feel the benefits of CBD as well as where those effects will be most felt. There are three modes of consumption for CBD.

1. Topical Treatments

Topical treatment with CBD is the application of a CBD preparation directly onto the skin. Conventional CBD topicals are in the form of lotions, salves, balms, or sprays. Topical treatments tend to provide immediate and long-term relief to the localized area it’s being applied. CBD 2isolate can be used to prepare topicals with a consistent and preferred dose.

When using topical treatments, CBD molecules do not enter the body’s bloodstream, but rather, the CBD binds with specific receptors in the skin to provide benefits to the affected areas.

Common uses for topical CBD products are to treat psoriasis, dermatitis, skin irritations, localized pain from arthritis, or other inflammatory conditions.

2. Ingestible Treatments

CBD ingestibles are consumed orally. These can be in the form of edibles or also in liquid forms. The nature of the edible being consumed determines how rapidly the effects of CBD will be felt in the body upon consumption.

Edibles in the form of baked goods, hot chocolate, tinctures, or other CBD infused food products result in slow exposure to the effects of CBD. That’s because when ingesting CBD as an edible, CBD molecules will enter the bloodstream after reaching the stomach and undergoing digestion. Edibles are the slowest mode of introducing CBD into the body, but the results last longer than most other methods. The effects of edible are experienced throughout the entire body.

Sublingual treatments are faster acting than edible treatments. They have similar longevity of effects as edibles and, also impact all parts of the body. To use a sublingual CBD product, place the treatment under the tongue, and let it sit for a few minutes without swallowing. The CBD in the product will absorb into the bloodstream. An added benefit of sublingual treatments is they are easy to use, and dose control is simplified.

Common uses for Ingestible CBD products are for the treatment and promotion of whole-body wellness. 

3. Inhalation Treatments

Inhalation of a CBD treatment is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD in the body. If instant relief is needed, inhalation methods are the best way to achieve that with a CBD product. This mode of ingestion has the shortest duration of experienced effects. Typically, inhalation users experience a short but sweet experience.

CBD Inhalation treatments are commonly called “vaping” or “dabbing.” Specialized equipment in the form of vape pens or dabbing rigs is required for these modes of CBD ingestion.

Common uses for Inhalation of CBD products are to treat intense pain caused by various conditions.

How Does Product Quality Impact CBD Efficacy?

CBD product quality is critical for anyone who needs or wants their CBD product to provide them with consistent and safe effects. While the demand for CBD is growing, many products popping up on the market don’t contain what they claim, or worse, have unwanted and dangerous contaminants present.

CBD manufacturers that offer trustworthy and consistent products will follow strict quality control practices that they are easily able to share with their clients. Quality CBD product manufacturers should be able to provide the following to their clients: 

  • Product composition verified by a third-party analytics laboratory.
  • Certificate of Analysis (CofA) is made available.
  • CBD concentration is clearly labeled.
  • Dosage recommendations are clearly outlined.

The Right CBD Product

The CBD product that is right for you should address the symptoms you seek to treat, be made with quality ingredients and, has clear proof of quality.

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