A Beginner’s Guide To Comparing Vape Pod Products.

A Beginner’s Guide To Comparing Vape Pod Products.

DISC by Vapeshot knows there are a lot of vape pod systems on the market. As the demand continues to grow for smaller, more discreet vape products, technology and engineering are creating better products at more affordable price points. In order to help you understand the basics of vape pod systems, including the DISC by Vapeshot, we created a starter guide on what to look for when purchasing a system and also what to expect. 

Let’s start with the basics. A vape pod system is a way to vape, usually replacing cigarette smoking. It isn’t a vape pen and it isn’t an overly expensive and tricky system. A DISC, or vape pod system, is designed to provide discretion and convenience. There are other bonuses, too. 

When looking to start vaping or move away from cheap vape pens, you want to consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself how often you vape and how stationary you are during your day. Some people have employment obligations that require being in an office for the majority of their day. Other people are required to be out in the field or on a workplace floor and interacting with the public for most of their workdays. In either case, using an obvious vape pen really isn’t practical. That’s where alternative vape products are introduced. 

The DISC by Vapeshot can be utilized by everyone regardless of their daily routine or employment obligations. The product was created to fit in the palm of your hand, making vaping discreet. In fact, it is known as the world’s smallest E-cigarette system. People love this vaping product option because it isn’t obvious. They can work in a cubicle, at home, or with the public without any interference when it comes to vaping. The DISC is lightweight and barely noticeable, unlike other larger and more expensive vape pod systems. 

According to various financial market and tobacco market reports, E-Cigarettes have been continuing to boom since 2015 with both in-person and online buying opportunities. Large tobacco companies have developed secondary revenue streams by introducing vaping devices through various brands that cater to different requirements. These companies focus on enhancing product quality and level of customization. They do this by focusing on e-cigarette technologies, such as pod systems and squonk mods have increased its popularity in recent years. And while the market research is interesting and shows a demand, some of the larger companies are missing the mark. People need products that are not only clever but products that mirror their lifestyles. 

When using DISC, lifestyle needs are met. As discussed above, discretion and size matter. Bulky vaping pod systems will not work for most employed people or even those with family members opposed to vaping. The DISC by Vapeshot provides a solution to the size and lifestyle challenge. It was also created to make sure vaping can be achieved without continuous refilling or juice spills. This concern also should be addressed when seeking out a vape pod system. How many puffs can a system provide is a top consumer question. The DISC offers all-day battery power and an average of 300 puffs. Each pod holds 1.2ml, which is substantial when compared to industry standards. 

Buying vape products, such as vape pod systems, should develop a sense of lifestyle need. Vapers are encouraged to consider cost versus value. Think of value in terms of not only how much your vaping device can hold, but how often it can be utilized during the time without the pesky hassle of having to refill or change pods. The DISC took this lifestyle consideration into question when developing the product. If you find yourself having to change out pods or refill vaping products often throughout the day, it is possible that the product is not a good fit and an alternative is needed. You want to amplify your lifestyle, not create further hassles when picking out a tool to use for vaping. 

Technology and accessibility should also be key considerations when picking out a vape pod system. With the DISC vape pod system, the technology exists to make wireless charging possible. Further, the DISC offers vapers a touch-activated system, which is a nice offering – especially when working with the public or attending public events, or even grocery shopping. The DISC can charge wirelessly with its micro-usb cord included. This inclusion is a thoughtful feature from Vapeshot. It is also a feature not found very often when comparing the DISC to other products. 

Seeking out a touch-activated system when considering buying a vape pod system is often a high priority for vapers. The benefits of a touch-activated system are many, but some of the key takeaways include having no buttons involved that can accidentally leak product or make the user discoverable in a public setting. This vape feature offers more control over the product and helps also to control one’s budget, too. The less product that is wasted, the fewer refills one has to buy. In fact, when Vapeshot created the DISC, understanding the value and money-saving aspect of touch-activated technology was key. Buying a button-free vape pod offers users several benefits and these types of products are becoming more and more in demand. 

Vape pod products should also be secure. There should not be any leaks or temperature components that challenge your lifestyle. One of the key features for the DISC vaping pod is to offer its customers a guarantee that the product will never spill. Again, the development of this product feature was to help vapers not have to add room in their budgets for unnecessary spills leading to non-essential purchases of refill products. When considering buying a vape product or a vape pod, you should ask yourself if the system or product offers a guarantee to not leak or spill. The last thing your vaping lifestyle needs is further expense or time cleaning up leaky messes. 

Let’s discuss the challenges associated with dry hits. If you haven’t had one, consider yourself lucky. A dry hit happens when the liquid is not wicking properly or the heating coil burning through e-liquid actually becomes too hot too quickly. As a result, vapers end up getting a mouthful of hot air from the overheated coil, or worse, a large hit of smoke from whatever is being burned off of the coil. When buying any vape product or vape pod system consumers need to address the issue of temperature control. Dry hits should not happen. These are not typical with quality made products. The DISC by Vapeshot has an intentional feature to prevent dry hits from happening. With the DISC dry hits are eliminated by utilizing technology that accurately controls the temperature. Remember, lifestyle is always key when buying new vaping products. Understanding the impact of dry hits and how they can negatively impact your lifestyle – and your health- is important. Doing as much as you can to educate yourself on different vaping products and what is being done to eliminate this from happening is important. Vapeshot, luckily, has already considered this when they created the DISC. 

Product variety and control is something else to factor into a decision on buying a vape pod system. The DISC offers many options to meet the needs of several different types of lifestyles. First, there are a variety of vape flavors. The DISC by Vapeshot offers Tobacco, Grape, Peach, Mint, Cool Mint, Dragon Mint, Chocolate, and Lychee as flavors. Again, look for a vape pod system that is suction or touch-activated and that is also tamper-proof.  The DISC offers a 2-step Pod removal system to ensure its vaping system is tamper-proof. 

Controlling how much nicotine, if any, you take in should be considered when purchasing a vape pod system. The DISC by Vapeshot already considered what consumers may want and need. All of the company’s tasty flavors include a variety of nicotine strength options, such as five percent, two percent, and nicotine-free. A person seeking to completely quit being nicotine dependant could go to nictone-free within sixty days when using the DISC. A full comparison of vape pod product options should factor in not only size, technology, and flavors, but also control of nicotine content when making a decision to invest in a vaping product purchase. 

Our busy lifestyles require many things. We have to considerate of our surrounding social circumstances, work within our own personal budgets, understand the need for tamper-proof products, discover flavor options, and have a know-how as to factoring in the appropriate amount of nicotine when buying vaping products and vaping pod systems. 

Creating a “needs” list for your next vape pod system purchase is important. Understanding how often you vape and how long a product’s battery life can go- as well as the need to refill vaping juice- is essential.  With the DISC by Vapeshot, many of these questions have already been answered for consumers and a variety of lifestyle needs have already been answered. Vape pod systems need to be affordable, offer both technology and variety and should afford the user all-day access without any spills. It is important to answer your “needs” list by purchasing vape pod systems, like the DISC, that truly match your specific lifestyle and vaping needs. 

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