The Renova Zero is a slim refillable pod system with a high nicotine satisfaction, easy feeling, and new Press to Fill.


The Vaporesso Renova Zero is one of the pod mods designed for more experienced and new users looking for a very stealthy device. Whether you might be a sub-ohm cloud chaser or not, there is some position in your life for this pod system. One important use of the Vaporesso Renova Zero is to learn some tricks and find it challenging to fill up with your enriched nicotine juice. Having this pod handy filled with enough nicotine salts can be a perfect lifesaver. The Renova Zero by Vaporesso goes with the idea of stealthy and compact fix up to the next level.

The Build quality

The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System comes with an internal 650mAh battery and takes only 45 minutes to charge. The micro-USB port is always found at the bottom of the device. The only button found on the Renova Zero is the power button designed in the front face of this device. It’s very nice and clicky. At the top is the Vaporesso Renova Zero pods that are primarily made of PCTG plastic. The PCTG material it’s fully certified for use in the Food Equipment Material and meets FDA regulations. It’s also BPA-free and recyclable. The Vaporesso uses a CCELL coil inside a pod that is a ceramic system new to their brand. These coils can easily withstand heat compared to other traditional materials, plus they can deliver a very pure flavor. The chipset is the OMNI Board Mini that functions significantly smoothly.

How to use the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System

The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System works slightly differently from some standard pod mods, so it’s worth trying. The five clicks of the power button are used to turn on the device. After which, you will realize that the LED light indicator that is behind the button is blue. This is usually the medium, default setting. The Renova Zero works from 9-12.5W though you can choose your output setting. To swap through the power outputs, click the button three times. It is usually red for 9W, green for 12.5W, and blue for 10.5W. The Zero manual suggests that you should click again to select the output and confirm. But even after clicking three times to swap through the settings, there is no need to click again. To check on the current power output, do a long click of any button, and the LED light will show by color.

To vape, take a draw while the device is turned on. Vaporesso Renova Zero has a handy draw-activated firing; thus, you won’t need to hold down the tiny little button while inhaling. Checking on the battery life is as simple as checking on the LED light indicator while vaping. It will light green for over a charge of 70%, blue for 30-70%, and red for a charge of less than 30%.

Filling the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System

To fill this Renova Zero pod, you will need to pull out the pod from the device. It pulls exactly out and stays in place with magnetized contacts. There are two contacts at the bottom of the pod, and off to the other side is the filling port. It can be tricky if you don’t poses a needle-nosed bottle, and that’s why a Vaporesso added a handy-daddy 10ml filling bottle. It is advisable for the lad and uses the included filling bottle. Otherwise, you might end up with some frustrating mess. Insert that filling bottle inside the metal port, then push down until you notice that the port is opening inside. Then fill with care and patience.

Vaping experience

If you try the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System with different favorite salt nic juices, the first thing that will trully impress you is the flavor quality. The CCELL material in a Renova Zero pod provides an awesome pure taste that you will love. You can go for two or more weeks without experiencing any drop-off in flavor.

The device is significantly great for stealth. It feels quite weighty for the size. Additionally, it fits anywhere easily, and this is usually a major pro for these pod systems. The charge can last even for five hours while you are vaping heavily. While vaping moderately, the battery life can be averagely or slightly above that. Moderately vaping, you can get five to almost six hours of use from the Renova Zero before recharging. However, you should keep the USB cable handy if you are planning to vape heavily.


  • The device has a great flavor and a medium MTL draw
  • It’s perfect for 25mg nicotine salt based vape juice
  • Draw activated firing with only three power levels
  • Comfortable mouthpiece shape and a thin profile
  • Push to fill without plugs. The refill bottle included for the glass bottle users
  • 1A quick charging that can charge from zero to full within 45 minutes.
  • Many protections include Low Liquid Detection to prevent dry hits.

Battery Life

Battery life varies depending on the wattage setting that a person uses. The charge can last for at least 45 minutes. You can tell the strength of a battery through the lights at the power button while vaping and don’t get confused with the wattage settings. The battery strength indicators include;

  • Green – High (over 70% strength)
  • Blue – medium (30-70% strength)
  • Red – low (under 30%)


If you’ve been wondering what to putty in that tiny handbag or jean pocket, now I think you know. The Renova Zero pod by Vaporesso is always a slick and convenient stealthy device. This is just perfect, like toking on your nicotine salt in the car, in the mall, or at work. It’s a beautiful little pod mod with a couple of pretty innovations and extras. It’s the top choice for quitters, cigarettes, trickers looking for a pocket fix, or office time stealthers.

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