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Pod Vapes

Gone are the days when vaping was just a fad. It has now given rise to a major industry that has produced a fortune for many stakeholders.

Today, e-cigs are available in different varieties. From classic box mods to modern pod vapes, each product is designed for a specialized purpose. There’s virtually an endless list of options out there for novice and veteran vapers. In this article, we are going to talk about the best refillable pod vapes in the market.

The quality expectation of vapers these days is high. They want a vape device that can produce awesome thick clouds while giving a velvety throat kick. Long-lasting batteries of modern-day vapes is also another plus point that has become a necessity.

This list features the best pod vape devices in 2020. By viewing this post, you would be able to compare the pros and cons of each product.

1.     UWELL Caliburn Pod System

With a 520mAh battery, the UWELL Caliburn pod vape is enough to satiate your nicotine need daily.

It has a dual firing mechanism, which keeps the gadget operational even when one of the ignition units fails. It also has a removable battery that can be recharged by taking it out of the kit. This helps the users have a strong battery backup. It has a wattage range of 11W. Furthermore, its voltage output range is between 3.2 volts and 4.0 volts.

2.     Vladdin Vantage

Unveiling the Vladdin Vantage pod vape kit that comes with an eye-catching cyan indicator.

You also get to have a slick plastic case, which would come in handy for you when you are traveling. In the box, you will get a built-in pod, an extra refillable pod, a USB Type-C charging cable, and a user manual.

It features an intuitive LED battery indicator that gives off different color lights depending upon the battery status. The battery module delivers output wattage depending upon the coil resistance at any given moment. This ensures the highest safety standards in the industry are present in this device.

3.     Vaporesso Xros Pod System

The Xros is a refillable compact pod vape that fits easily into the pocket of your jeans.

With its clamshell top filling design, you would be able to refill the e-liquid without any spillage. Apart from its mess-free refilling ease, you also get to enjoy a whopping 800mAh integrated battery.

XROS is also equipped with both draw-activated and button-activated firing mechanisms. Whenever one of these mechanisms malfunctions the other unit would stay operational. You also don’t have to worry about ending up with a damaged coil, as it has a transparent pod. Through this visible pod, you can easily keep track of the remaining e-juice you are left with.

This vaping product has a lot going on in terms of features. Some of these features include tricolor LED battery indicator, adjustable airflow control switch, magnetic pod construction, and resistance protection. It weighs in at around 55gm when the pod is filled up. Its lightweight makes it portable for travelers who want to vape when they are outside the house.

4.     SMOK NORD

As the successor to the all-time favorite Novo system, the SMOK Nord 15W takes the top spot on our list.

It is equipped with a long-lasting 1100mAh integrated battery that provides an ultimate on-the-go vaping experience to the users. It also contains a refillable 3ml cartridge that wouldn’t run short for your daily usage.

It comes with a button-triggered device that ensures operational safety at times. You just have to press the power button 5 times to turn it on and then long-press the button to inhale the smooth vapors. You can also keep track of the charging status with the battery light on the button. It would turn red, orange, and green – depending upon the remaining battery of the device.

5.     FreeMax Maxpod

Since the introduction of Fireluke tank as the world’s first mesh coil sub-ohm tank, the vape enthusiasts have been anticipating for a newer product from Freemax.

Finally, the new freemax maxpod kit is out in the market. It is a lightweight pod vape, featuring an integrated 550mAh battery. If you are an ex-smoker that prefers a strong throat hit, then you can also customize its coil to deliver that exhilarating nicotine punch.

The Maxpod features a 2ml refillable pod, a rechargeable battery, a mesh coil, a micro USB cable, a warranty card, and a user manual.

It has a durable zinc-alloy construction that gives a rugged look and texture to the device. All thanks to its ruggedness, you can enjoy a firm grip in your hands whenever you are carrying it outside. If you are looking for an upgrade to your current vape pen, then it’s hard to find something better than this!

6.     Smok Nord 2

The sequel to one of the most highly sought after pod vapes is here!

Powered with a 456mAh battery, the Smok Nord 2 offers a strong and durable performance on a long-term basis. It has a 0.69 inch OLED display screen and a better battery life compared to the original.

It features a heavy-duty 1500mAh integrated battery, a 4.5mL RPM pod, a 4.5mL NORD pod, zinc-alloy chassis construction, and an ergonomic mouthpiece. It comes built-in with an intelligent IQ-N chip that allows it to exert greater power for more enhanced flavor.

You can also adjust the power level between 1W and 40W by long-pressing the power button. This would help you eliminate the chances of ending up with a burnt coil. With an e-liquid capacity of 4.5ml, the Nord 2 has a greater volume than the original Nord kit.

The device is also secured with short circuit protection and low voltage protection. These smart detection features help the users keep their pod vapes in tip-top condition at all times.


Pod vapes are user-friendly vaping devices that are highly easy to operate for novice vapers.

In the above article, we have covered the best refillable pod vapes in 2020. Make sure to always follow the usual manual instructions before operating any new pod system.

You should firmly press in your pod into the gadget before operating it every time.

It is also advisable to allow the wick to saturate for about 10 minutes before using it. Also, make sure to refill the e-juice in the pod before it runs dry. This would increase the lifespan of your coil.

By taking these precautionary measures, you would be able to enjoy your every vaping session. You would also be able to eliminate any chances of an unpleasant vaping experience.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy your vape.

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