A detailed review of the Uwell Koko Prime. The Uwell Koko Prime has taken more attention from pod lovers. Hence this article will provide a full review of the Koko Prime.


Uwell’s Caliburn series of pod vapes have for years been most of the popular vaping devices up to date. It first started with the original Caliburn that quickly obtained a cult-like following, after which came the Caliburn Koko that is similar to a different design adorned by vapers. Since then, vapers have been waiting for the next Caliburn’ device. `

Design and Build Quality

In terms of its pure looks, the Uwell Koko Prime isn’t completely different from its prototype. It has been refreshed and updated with only a slightly different design though it generally stays true to that look of the original Koko. The original Koko was basically small, square-shaped, and significantly light. The Koko Prime is almost the same in size but only a few millimeters wider at 45.6mm wide, 68mm tall, and 16mm thick. This device is very small and compact.

The biggest design that has changed is the departure from the flat and squared-off flat surfaces of the original Koko to sloped and curved surfaces of the Koko Prime. This initial design looks super modern and upgraded. If you put both devices on side by side, you can instantly point on which one is new and which one was the old model.

Uwell Koko Prime’s six colors are available: black, purple, red, green, blue, and grey. Each has a different color frame, plus differently colored panels. Note that these panels are magnetic and can be easily pulled and swapped out for another color. You can get these panels separately from Eightvape and a few online vape stores. The hidden back part of the panels has Uwell’s slogan common for the Koko prime “Keep On Keeping On.” If the panels are removed, you will notice that the front of the device has a Koko logo subtly decorated. You will love the looks when the panels are removed. It’s too stealthy, quite toned down, and doesn’t scream for attention as the panels do.

How to use the Uwell Koko Prime

The Uwell Koko Prime is a simple and quick device to use, even for a beginner in vaping. It uses replaceable, so it’s best to ensure that you properly prime the coils just before vaping. 

First, pull out the coil that usually comes pre-installed in the pod. Take a juice of your own choice, then drop a few liquids into the cotton just on the sides of the coil. After that, insert back the coil into the pod by lining up its flat edge with the flat edge of the bottom of your pod. You will notice the coil pushing back into the bottom of the pod.

The mouthpiece of the pod usually serves as the fill cap. Push it either side to side or front to back until it gets out. Since the mouthpiece is slick, you might feel some pain removing it for the first time, but it gets much easier if you frequently remove it.

Stick your juice bottle nozzle inside the red gasket to fill the pod. Let it sit for some 5 minutes to give the cotton enough time to absorb all the juice. You will get either a loose or tight MTL draw, depending on how you insert the pod. There are two tiny airflow holes both at the bottom of the pod and on the side of the Koko Prime. Note that if the pod is inserted so that the airflow holes are close to each other, you will have a looser MTL draw and vice versa. You can try both to see what’s best for you.

Battery Life & Charging

The Koko Prime can charge from totally dead to a full charge in approximately 40-45 minutes. This adds a lot of useability to the device. Unfortunately, you can’t use it while it’s charging. It uses more power because it has a higher maximum output of 15W than the original device. An increased battery capacity of 690mAh offsets this. You can decide to vape a pod with only half of the juice before recharging the device. If you draw, a LED lightwill be produced though show the level of the battery. Green is 605 and more, blue is 30-60%, while red is always less than 30%, and if the battery goes up to zero, the red light will then flash ten times in one row and refuse to fire.


The main thing to look at when it comes to the performance of Koko Prime is the airflow. You can get either a tight or loose MTL draw, depending on how you insert the pod. Both of which are quite restricted compared to the draw on the original Koko and Caliburn.

The flavor is top-notch with these coils. Similar to the 0.8ohm coils found in the Colburn G, these 1.0ohm coils can also deliver rich, flavorful, and warm vapor than other competitor pod vapes. The flavor is impressive. A 3-mg nicotine juice can deliver a throat hit and a nice draw apart from being used in a low-powered device. Although, nicotine salts are where it is with the Koko Prime. A 35mg nicotine salt ejuice delivers a perfect throat hit that you will find more interesting.

There arefewer possibilities of leaking from the coils, although some condensation builds up at the bottomof the coils. In addition, the coil life is also very fantastic.


The Koko Prime is one of the amazing pod vapes from Uwell. It provides an equally amazing performance just as the Caliburn G, with only a difference in shape, color, and design. But remember, if you don’t like the colorful panels, you can still pull them off for a less flashy, subtle look. The only downside of Koko Prime is that the fill cap is quite hard to remove. However, it becomes much easier with time. Other than this, there is nothing that should stop you from using this device.

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