A clear review of the updated pod system called Vapo Haiz is affordable and simple for use by both experienced and beginner vapers.


The original Vapo device was released. When the Haiz was introduced in the market, it had many reactions from reviewers and the most important people who tried it. While most people were in love with the originals, some had leaking issues from the Pod and other issues like not being impressed with the mouthpiece, while others found the draw to be very loose and experienced in muted flavor. You can get to learn more about Haiz from this review.

What is HAIZ?

The HAIZ is a flagship pod kit consisting of two components: the main body with an integrated battery plus a replaceable pod with a prefilled e-liquid, mouthpiece, and ceramic coil. The HAIZ kit often chooses nine basic delicious flavors, five original and four flavors co-developed with Vapetasia.

With the HAIZ is a choice of 0% salt or just 3% strength salt nicotine. Using only a 3% nicotine salt strength is the same throat hit to 12mg e-liquid that is better for a mouth-to-lung device. Most manufacturers use a high mg salt nicotine to enhance satisfying vape through a smaller style of a pod system. Each of the two packs of pods with only 3% nicotine salt is equivalent to roughly five packs of cigarettes.

Stealthier than most of the vape kits, the HAIZ is one of the great common vaping devices specifically designed for those looking for something to get off cigarettes and an alternative device that is 95%  healthier.

About Vapo Haiz

the Vapo is slightly different from other devices, and this is what any vaper should understand. The Vapo Haiz pod vaping system is specifically designed for ease of use. Nothing is even more important for a New Vapor in the New Zealand, like a product that is as effective as it is. That’s why the manufacturing industry took this in mind to produce the most simple and efficient and starter kit in the market. The Vapo Haiz comes with only two components that are the battery and the Pod. To explain how this device works deeply, you need to understand the pods deeply. The Pod is the top of this e-cigarette. The pods are prefilled with a premium liquid as well as the mouthpiece, coil, and cotton. This might be a bit complicated, but truly, this forms a very simple way to vape. Every Haiz kit comes with only one prefilled vape pod to use. Just slide it inside the battery, then inhale via the mouthpiece. As you continue to vape, the liquid will start to deplete since the liquid will be turning into vapor. After all the liquid has run off, dispose of the Pod and then insert a new one. No messy refill up the vaping Pod or change the coil in any way. Just insert a new pod and start vaping.

Components of the Vapo Haiz pods

you need to understand the things that the Hiz de ice is composed of. The components of any device are what will determine the level of vape that it can offer. In addition to that, these are what differentiate one device from the other. The Haiz device is very different from other products in the market, and this is due to nicotine salt. As you know, e-cigarettes are very effective because they mainly contain nicotine salt. What some people don’t know is that there are different forms of nicotine salt. The Haiz vapor mainly contains freebase and nicotine salt. Freebase is the standard nicotine salt that you can find in one of your favorite liquids. They both have different uses. Freebase nicotine is great if you are looking for something to sustain you throughout the day with slightly low strength. It is absorbed quickly in the bloodstream and doesn’t interfere5 with the liquid vapor that much, not unless you are planning to use a higher strength of nicotine. Therefore, freebase

The technology behind the Pod

The HAIZ pod uses CCELL coil Technology. CCELL uses a porous ceramic as its wicking material instead of cotton. The even distribution to heat plus the resistance to heat helps extend the coil’s lifespan dramaticallycompared to a cotton coil.

By utilizing CCELL coils, the Vapo HAIZ device will consistently produce a perfect flavor and vaper throughout the Pod’s lifecycle. The pods come already prefilled with 2ml e-liquid that is twice the liquid capacity of some other brands.

How to Charge Your Haiz

All HAIZ vape kits come with a USB cable used to charge it, plug it in and connect it on the wall to a USB adaptor or connect to a USB port on a computer. It is advisable not to change your HAIZ via a standard phone charger since this can damage the battery. The Vapo HAIZ takes 20-25 minutes to charge fully, and it comes with built-in protection from overcharging. However, you should never leave this device unattended while it is charging.

Battery Life

The first consideration when choosing your E-cigarette is usually the battery capacity. Most small, discreet E-cigarettes come with small batteries that are less than 300mah that don’t store many charges, leading to the need to charge the device several times a day. The HAIZ has a battery capacity of 500Mah that packs a powerful punch and can also last for a whole day without charging.


If you’ve been wondering what to put in that tiny handbag or jean pocket, now I think you know. The Vapo Haiz pod is now available everywhere in the market. Like some other devices, this vaping device is always a slick and convenient stealthy device. This is just perfect, like toking on your nicotine salt in the car, mall, or even at work. It’s a beautiful little pod mod with a couple of pretty innovations and extras. It’s the top lovers of quitters, cigarettes, trickers who are looking for a pocket fix, or office time stealthers.

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