This is the full review of the RELX Infinity vaping device. The RELX Infinity has taken more attention of the pod lovers. Hence it’s important to look at it in detail.


FOR YEARS, the RELX category of pod vapes has been among the popular vaping devices up to date. However, it is not common, like the Uwell series of vape devices. It first started with the original form of RELX vaping devices that quickly obtained a cult-like following. After which came to the Infinity vapor that is similar though with a different design that is also much-loved by vapers. Since then, vapers have been so much into RELX Infinity.

Size, weight, and feel

The RELX infinity is approximately 112 mm by 23 mm by 10 mm and weighs about 25 grams with a full pod on. It is almost the same in weight and size as the RELX’s initial collections, the RELX Classicthough it feels comfortable in the hands due to its rounded design. Overall, it is lightweight and very practical such that it can fit well in the pocket.

You will also be impressed with the shape of the mouthpiece. The fact that the mouthpiece is flat makes it significantly comfortable on the lips. The only downside of the pods is that they do wiggle slightly when placed in the battery. They can even rattle if you move the battery, though the magnets are very strong; thus, rare cases of the pods accidentally pop out.

The vibrating mechanism in RELX infinity does help, especially with user experience. The gimmicky part of this device is the vibration, particularly when you put the pod in the battery. It will also vibrate when it is hit 15 times in 15 minutes, and this is an important feature for any person who wants to monitor his consumption. Finally, the device is designed with a dotted circle made out of LED lights up front that lights up every time a person inhales and works as a battery indicator.

How to use RELX Infinity

As with all the prefilledpods, operating the RELX infinity is also as easy as any other. You only need to take the pod out of the wrap, remove both the silicon plugs and the cupfrom the bottom and the top, insert it into the battery then inhale on the mouthpiece. There is no leaking of tee juice with these pods, making RELX a great option for beginner vapers.

Each pod has a QR code, and you can easily confirm the authenticity if you scan it. These pods usually come with a colored bottom essential, especially if you are to taste the flavors.

How does it hit

The tech-combination of RELX infinity offers a great hassle-free vape with a smooth feeling on the lips. Additionally, this device is almost completely silent. The sound it produces is always under 10 decibels. It is one of the most silent vape devices you will find in the market. The pods mostly use menthol juice that tends to hit harder. The 5% and 3% pods are very strong, as expected. The heavy smokers should ideally go for the 5% pods, whereas half a-pack smokers should probably take 3%.

Battery life and Charging

This device charges through a Type-c port that’s connected at the bottom of the battery

RELX claims that its battery can last for 500-650 puffs. You can try this to taste the validity of this number. The dotted LED light found on the front of the device will slowly flash when the device is charging and will also stay lit when fully charged. While you are using the device, it will be white and slowly light Red when the charge is low.

RELX infinity comes with a dual-charging system. The two charging cases available include 1000 and 1500 mAh, and you can charge the battery via the pogo pins at both sides of the USB port. The cases are usually well-made and have semi-transparent lids that enable the LED light to be very visible from the outside. Remember, you can still remove the battery from the cases by lightly pushing it at the bottom and then sliding it upwards. The larger case is only 12 grams heavier than, the smaller ones, 74 vs. 62 grams, and almost twice wider and much thinner. Overall, the charging cases are very excellent.

RELX Infinity Flavors Available

There are nine flavors of RELX infinity available on the market

  • Menthol plus: this is a heavy-hitting and amazing menthol flavor, with a peppermint or spearmint twist.
  • Fresh Red: it’s just a watermelon flavor with some mint in the background. It’s not very sweet, though; it’s a balanced flavor.
  • Tangy purple: it’s mostly a grape flavor. Tough feels exactly like an entire-blown version of grape DIY e-liquid.
  • Ludou Ice: it recreates an Asian dessert with the main ingredient being a mung bean.
  • Dark Sparkle: this is one of the best cola flavors for RELX Infinity. It is a Coke flavor with a moderate amount of cooling device.
  • Raspy Ruby: this is a very straightforward menthol raspberry flavor and also the least complex flavor in line.
  • Gardens Heart: it’s a very cool strawberry milk flavor that sounds kinder weird in the paper.

These are just among the common types of flavors that you can decide to try out when it comes to RELX Infinity.


The RELX Infinity is one of the amazing pod vapes that you will not regret trying out. It provides an equally amazing performance just like any other vaping device, with only a difference in shape, color, flavors, and design. But remember, if you don’t like the flavorful vapes, you can still pull them off for a fulfilling hit or more than that. The only problem with RELX Infinity is that the fill cap is quite hard to remove. However, it becomes much easier with time. Other than this, there is nothing that should stop you from using this device.

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