This is a review of the Vladdin Vantage, the popular pod vapesystem with an internal battery capacity of 700mAh that makes it quite different from other devices.


The original Vladdin pod system was a favorite MTL pod for most people over a very long time. As much as the disposable RIO pod wasn’t very impressive, most people have shown interest in learning more about the Vladdin product. The Vladdin Vantage features a more similar stylish design like the Vladdin RE with more improved battery life, and more interestingly, the DL and MTLpod are very compatible. This is a clear review of the Vladdin Vantage that will help both experienced and beginner vapers.

Vladdin Vantage Design and Build Quality

The new design of the Vantage pod vapesystem is made out of aluminum and measures 116mm by 22mm by 12.mm. It comes in many colors, including red, dark blue, and black, and it feels relatively light for its size. The original Vladdin was more advantageous because of its elegant design, slick, and with some differences, the new VantageVantage can be characterized as stylish. It is certainly a large vape pen though a cooler one than others. There is something more that makes the Vladdin Vantage look and feel just like a premium product. Perhaps it’s the minimalist design, the sturdy but light metallic fee, or the brushed aluminum finish.

Just like the Vaporesso Xros and the VooPoo Vinci, the new Vantage vape pod has both automatic and manual battery activation, and it’s only Vladdin that implemented these technologies. Typically, the automatic draw works only with the MTL pod due to some reason. When switching to the DL pod, one has to press the fire button, or else the battery won’t activate.

The fire button isusuallyflush with a pod system though the line-shaped LED indicator fixed in it makes it significantly easy to find with either the index or thumb finger. It might not be the clickiest button in the world though it looks better and even works well. One of the interesting things about Vladdin Vantage is its battery indicator. This pod system features a slicker design with a bar-shaped LED.

Vladdin Vantage pods

The main advantage of the Vladdin Vantage over other vaping devices is that it can support direct lung (DL) vaping and mouth-to-lung vaping. Hence it is more appealing to many people. The VantageVantage uses two basic styles of refillable pods, one for DL and another for MTL. The difference is marked in both stickers that cover their contacts and also about the colors. The DL one is blue, while the MTL one is transparent.

The pods connect to the battery through snap and magnets in place despite choosing to insert them. They both can hold up to 1.6 ml of e-liquid and feature a top filling system that is almost similar to that of Caliburn Koko. Removethe black mouthpiece and fill the pod via one of the two small holes on both sides of the shaft. It’s just as easy as convenient and easy as the pod filling goes.

The MTL pod has built-in and non-removable 1.2ohms, whereas the DL one has a 0.8-ohm coil. The strange thing here is that while looking via the bottom of each coil, you can notice that the diameter of the coils inside is pretty much identical. However, you will expect the MTL one to be a bit tighter.

Vladdin Vantage Battery Life

it is ideal to know the battery life of any vaping device before purchasing. The Vladddin are commonly known for having a good battery capacity to sustain vapers for full enjoyment and fun. One of the major differences between the new Vantage pod system and the Vladdin RE is the battery capacity. While the older device has a capacity of 350-mAh, the new model has a capacity of 700mh. This is slightly a big leap forward. In addition to this, the VantageVantage is fairly thicker compared to the original Vladdin vape pod. Another stronger point of this system is that the USB-C is fast charging. This brings a depleted battery back to full in almost 40minutes. The VantageVantage can also work in a pass-through mode such that you can use it while it’s charging.

How the Vladdin Vantage Vape

The most interesting thing about the Vladdin RE pod system is the tight, cigarette-like draw that you can find in other pod systems. However, the draw in the VantageVantage is different. But this is not only on the DL pod expected to be a bit looser but there is no main difference between the two pods, particularly in terms of the draw.

The coils in the two pods have almost the same diameter, though the MTL one seems to be a bit more restricted. And because the pod system doesn’t come with an airflow control system, you will get stuck with two pods aimedfor a direct lung hit or even a very loose MTL.  Most of the vapers will surely find this draw significantly enjoyable.

The only difference between the two pods that can be noticed is the slightly warmer vape found on the 0.8-ohm coil pod. That is normally considered to have a lower resistance. There is no difference when it comes to the flavor. Both’draws produce the same flavor that you will enjoy.     


The Vladdin Vantage is the only slickest and most elegant pod system in the market right now, but this is not the only thing about it. It comes with double the battery of the original Vladdin, more advanced coil-heads, and also falls short in most of the areas, that is, the vaping performance. Vladdin features two different types of draw, though, in reality, the pods are significantly pretty, so you won’t be stuck on which one to choose among the two. A person may decide whether to go with a restricted DL draw or a loose MTL depending on their taste and preference.

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