The Myle is among the latest closed pod system in the market. Meaning it comes with non-refillable pods plus prefilled e-juice.

How good is the Myle Vapor

The first thing that you should basically look at is Myle appearance. This device is extremely good-looking with not only an ergonomic design, but it’s also available in several colors that include midnight black, rose gold, pink, and white. In addition to this, it comes with many built-in features that make it a great Vape starter kit.

The best of them include the built-in magnetic charger and batteries that make the device more convenient to use than any other vaping product. The four red lights on the chassis will tell you when the device is ready to be used and indicate its battery life. Another great thing about Myle Vapor is that it fires immediately after a person inhales due to its air-activated sensor. The final important thing to mention here is that the pen and the pods are well constructed. This is why there are few to no cases of e-juice leaking out.

The only drawback here is that you will find only a few flavors available in Myle vapors. They include strawberries, watermelon, tropical mango, mint, and tobacco. However, this is not a big deal, thanks to these sweet flavors plus the salt nic levels and all the enjoyment and benefit you can get from using this vape pen.

Using the E-juice pod

Most pod devices are very simple to operate, and this starter kit is no exception to the same rule. This is why it’s great to have it. Especially if you are very new to vaping or don’t like to fool around with any refillable cartridges, wattage levels, and settings. Attach the pod and have fun.

How to Fill/Refill the Device

Changing the pods after they have been used is very easy

  1. First, pick the pod, then remove the colored sleeves and also the rubber plug
  2. Slide the fluid end inside the device first.
  3. After you’ve done that, the top light will produce a flash, which will indicate that the pen is very ready to be used.
  4. The pods come with a closed design and are not always meant to be refilled though there is a perfect way to do this.

The vaping experience of the Myle device

The Myle Vapor is aimed to give any experienced or beginner vapor a very interesting smocking session. As discussed, this device is simple to operate, and because it is draw activated, there is less need to adjust its settings. The simplicity of this Vaping device is its number one selling point since it enhances the entire vaping experience. The device has a perfect airflow control system, and it can deliver the best mouth-to-lung hit.

The aluminum material that is used to build this device feels significantly comfortable in the hands. Additionally, it can be kept in a pocket due to its small compact, plus you won’t notice any leak out or damage to your clothes.

It is quite larger than a USB device; thus, you won’t notice that it is in your pocket. However, don’t just forget that it is there until you accidentally throw it inside the washing machine while cleaning your clothes.

How to use the Myle Vapor

Charging this device is very easy

  1.  you just need to follow these basic steps;
  2. Attach the charging dock, then plug it into any available device that accepts a USB cable.
  3. Once you notice three green lights beneath the activation light, that is an indicator that it is fully charged.
  4. But if there is only one flashlight, that means that the device needs to be recharged.
  5. Immediately the pod gets attached, pick a drag to activate it.

Note that there is no activation switch or button.

Myle Vape vs. Bo One

These devices do compare significantly well. They are both designed equally well to be discreet and portable, plus both have enough salt nic levels, though the Bo One comes in a slight edge. The major difference between the two is the battery life. The Bo One uses a very powerful 390 mah battery that can last the whole day. There is also a case of flavors; Myle Vapor has five flavors available, while the Bo One outclasses it with eight flavors. The Bo One is slightly more expensive. Both devices are relatively good and offer a lot, but Bo One is considered to be more superior.

Myle Vape vs. Juul

Both devices are significantly similar in design though the Myle Vape is a big improvement over the other. The main difference is that Myle Vapor uses automatic LED lights to show battery life and readiness, while when it comes to the Juul, you will need to double-tap the device so that the indicator can show the battery life.

Another main difference is the longevity of the pods and the battery life. The Myle uses a 240 mah battery, whereas the Juul uses only 200 mah, meaning the Myle can last an hour longer than the Juul. The pods of the Myle also have a larger liquid capacity of 0.9 ml vs. Juul device with 0.7ml. These two devices are both good though Myle has some improvements that make it better than the Juul.


The Myle Vapor is a very great device. It is easy to charge, simple to use, and can also last an entire day before charging depending on how heavily t is being used. The simplicity of the Myle plus the nicotine delivery and quality of flavors make it a greater vaping device and the ergonomic design that makes it stand out. However, there are few drawbacks it isn’t found in the United States due to the company’s issues with Food and Drug Administration. Secondly, there are only five flavors of the Myle vape available. Finally, the Myle vape being an improvement over the Juul. The Bo One is instead an improvement of both.

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